'The Mindful Eating Project' presented by Simmer Culinary & Trofeo Estate

mindful eating

The way we eat has changed!

The choices we make and the way we conduct ourselves as chefs, food producers and diners has forever changed. We are more conscious that the decisions we make in the meals we eat have far reaching effects beyond just pleasure and sustenance. We are forced to be more mindful in our dining decisions! Simmer culinary will be curating 12 events over the next 12 months. Each event will touch on important discussions facing the hospitality industry, it will look at the challenges faced by our producers and ask important questions of the dining public in Australia.

Join Trofeo Estate as we launch the premier event of ‘The Mindful Eating Project’ with Andrew Ballard and Simmer Culinary on Saturday 27th March. The evening will feature a spectacular four course plant-based meal paired with Trofeo Estate’s Vegan Terracotta Amphora wines, proving animal protein doesn’t always need to be the epicentre of the dining experience.

The vegan diet is not new, however it has gained momentum in recent years faster than any other food culture in our lifetime. Australia has 500,000 Vegans, second only to the UK per head capita. Even the most hardened Carnivore would be hard pressed to disagree that eating less meat is undoubtedly good for our health, however the main concern many people have is the environmental impact of meat production and consumption.

The event will reveal that eating extremely well utilizing only plants and the diverse variety they offer is not only possible, but incredibly enjoyable. Working in harmony, Trofeo Estate and Simmer Culinary have developed a specialized menu and wine list for the evening, with Trofeo’s sommeliers turning the wine pairing experience on its head by offering unexpected alternatives to the traditional wine pairing structure.

4 course plant-based meal with matched Trofeo Estate wines

* Please note, Trofeo Estate are committed to providing a COVID-safe environment, adhering to all Government prescribed safety precautions and requirements.

Event Details

Saturday, 27 Mar 2021

6:00 PM – 11:00 PM

$129 per ticket

Trofeo Estate
85 Harrisons Road
DromanaV IC 3936